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The digital marketing industry was estimated to be worth $350B in 2020, and rather than showing signs of contraction, is expected to be valued at more than $782B by 2026. In the UK alone between 2020 and 2021, the market increased in value by nearly 10% and has grown at a similar rate every single year.

The digital marketing industry is the new gold rush for small businesses, it allows you to reach a greater client base, using much more financially efficient budgets, and if done correctly, your supercharged small business SEO will allow you to compete against companies with much larger budgets.

Making Best Use of SEO for Small Business

Proper use of SEO for small businesses will allow you to climb search engine ladders, known as SERP (Search Engine Result Page), and the higher you place on search engines such as Google, the better your reputation will appear, and the more confidence consumers will have in your brand.

Whether you’re looking to boost brand awareness, climb a search engine ladder or simply draw more people to your website, ObenInc is here to help.

But how do you ensure your SEO strategy is the most professional it can be? ObenInc is here to provide you with a few professional SEO tips and advice that will help your small business SEO reach its full potential.

Supercharging your SEO is invaluable to your small business being a success

There are multiple techniques to consider when you create an effective SEO strategy, techniques can vary from onsite SEO, off-sight SEO, keyword analysis, website content, blog promotion, or high-quality content. Each of these factors will help your business connect and develop your client base, and are essential aspects of your small business SEO strategy.

Although there are several different search engines, Google has 92.8% of the UK search engine market, and 84.2% of the worldwide search engine market.

If you’re a small business then you need to ensure your SEO is effective and as a result, your brand ranks highly on Google, it’s almost guaranteed to rank highly on every other search engine.

Surefire SEO tips to rank higher on Search Engines

A few important tips that ObenInc can offer when aiming to rank highly on SERP include:

Effective Keyword Focus

The best way to drive client traffic to your website is in literal terms understanding what drives them.

By analysing which keywords are being used to search for brands, products, and services in your local industry, you can attune your SEO strategy to help you better target your audience.

Avoid Saturating Your Content With Keywords

Although the temptation might be to overfill your content with keywords thinking it will boost your SEO and SERP in a shorter period, this will likely work against you.

Google refers to overfilling content with keywords as keyword stuffing and will damage your online reputation. Effectively Google is also looking at user contentment as the main focus of search engine ranking, the higher quality of the content, the better the Google rank.

If Google believes you are deliberately keyword stuffing your content, they can demote you, or even completely remove your business’ URL from Google altogether.

Publish Regular High-Quality Content

Publishing regular content, whether, in the form of breaking news, video, social media content, etc, will allow your company to build up a solid reputation in your industry.

The higher quality of the information you publish for your audience, the better your reputation grows and the higher you’ll climb on the social media ladder.

Modernise and update your website

It can’t be understated the importance of having an optimised website. The easier that users can navigate your website, the better your small business SEO, and the higher the SERP position.

Basic things like site speed, breaking up banks of text, headings, readability, easy to navigate layout, are all factors that boost your small business SEO, and therefore improve your search engine rank.

If Google analyses your website and it’s considered less than user-friendly, your website can be demoted from its search engine position.

Optimise your small business SEO for mobile

Massively important for several reasons, two of which being, that almost every single person between the ages of 18 and 80 has a mobile phone, and they can all be considered as potential customers, or are friends with potential customers.

With a strong small business SEO strategy, a strong brand reputation, and memorable digital marketing, your company is in the very literal hands of every customer you’ll ever need.

People spend nearly 5 hours a day connected to their phones, with an effective small business SEO strategy, you’ve got that entire time to grab their attention. The opportunity for success is infinite.

Optimise your website or lose your SERP ranking

If the opportunity of connecting with an infinite client base isn’t enough of an incentive, then discovering that Google will demote your hard-earned search engine position if your website isn’t fully optimised for mobile access, might be.

As of January 2022, 60% of all Google searches were made from a mobile phone.

Boost your small business SEO with a high-quality blog

A regular blog is an amazing source of small business SEO, it will help boost traffic to your site, and increase the likelihood of people connecting with your brand, while also building a client brand relationship.

If you increase the number of times people return to your page, you increase the probability that they will develop into valuable business leads.

By researching high-quality keywords and incorporating them into blogs, and publishing relevant content regularly, you can ascend the search engine ladder.

Social media can be help your small business’s SEO superpower

By combining the previous tips and aligning them with your small business social media profile, you can double the power and effect of your small business social profile.

Any posts or high-performing SEO content you produce for your website should also be promoted on social media. For instance, if you think a blog containing a high standard of keyword SEO will connect strongly with your audience. Boosting the post on social media will help your brand.

Boosting your social media posts is the method of paying the platform to promote your blog, allowing it to reach beyond your standard social media audience.

It’s important that if you’re also using social media to promote your brand, you use the same tone of voice across all published content, this lowers the likilihood of polarisising your target audience who might interact with your content across various platforms.

Small Business SEO Service – ObenInc is here to help

There are countless tips and strategies to ensure your brand makes the best use of its small business SEO, however not every strategy will be perfect for your business.

At ObenInc we have more than a decade of experience in promoting businesses using high-quality SEO strategies.

If you would like further information on how ObenInc can supercharge your small business SEO strategy, or simply want to chat, and discover how we can strengthen your business online, click here.

At ObenInc, we only succeed when you succeed.

We look forward to hearing from you.