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At ObenInc we’re here to make sure Pay-Per-Meeting digital marketing works for you

“No Meeting, No Money” – we take all the risk and you just have to sell to the meeting we generate.

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At ObenInc, we trust you as the client know what you’re looking for from your prospects. That is why with this model we put the onus on you. We grade our meetings 1-5 in terms of quality, and allow for the clients to decide what criteria needs to be hit for the meeting to happen. It may be you just want to speak to a decision maker in a specific industry (which would be 2/5), in which case once that has been established, we’d book the meeting for you. However, if you would like to speak to; a specific job title, specific industry, specific company size, specific location &  immediate need (5/5), we’re happy to generate that as well (just be prepared to pay slightly more for that service). It’s for that reason that our personalised performance-based marketing models are designed specifically to boost your individual business. 

The industry is ruthless, and if you’re unsure about marketing factors such as SEO, PPC, or Pay Per Meeting, the industry can prove to be increasingly expensive to manage, without offering much reward in return. At ObenInc we believe that you should be making your advertising budget work harder for you, rather than you for it.

If you’re struggling to attract valuable leads from your online advertising campaigns, it might be worthwhile giving us a call, we’re here to help and we want to help. As a business owner, it can be hard to know where to begin with digital advertising, but with ObenInc we can help target the most valuable customers, and only get paid for the results.

What Does Pay Per Meeting Mean?

 In simple terms, Pay Per Meeting is pay on results. After speaking to many businesses over a period of time, we noticed a worrying trend in that many businesses had engaged with agencies before, had the earth promised, spent a lot of money and had little to nothing generated in return. With this model, we remove the risk factor, and only charge for the results we generate. We take care of the advertising (Google & Paid social), the cold email marketing, the social outreach, and all you have to do is turn up and sit the meeting. “No meeting, no money” is our motto. As mentioned previously, we only succeed when you succeed, and it’s our job to make sure that you succeed.

All budgets are pre-determined before we begin the campaign, and every final decision is yours. Pay Per Meeting campaigns can prove very fruitful for a business, and can also lead to successful long-term client and company relationships.


The ObenInc Pay Per Meeting process

With the ObenInc Pay Per Meeting process, your cost per acquisition campaign will likely prove to be better value for money than a standard pay per click advertising campaign, and additionally, business leads are also of a higher quality. If someone subscribes, fills out a form, or makes a purchase, they’re already invested in your business, and statistically are far more likely to invest in the process again.

Before we launch your digital marketing campaign, at ObenInc we want to know more about your business model, your ideal number of leads, etc. We aim to provide you with more. We’ll build your bespoke landing page, and our PPC team will run the paid ads for your company.

Together with our experts and your niche business expertise, we’ll develop a unique digital marketing plan that will provide more leads and greater business success, all within the time period you set out.


Will ObenInc Pay Per Meeting benefit my business?

Every successful business will benefit from a digital marketing campaign, quite simply it increases the number of people being aware of your business, and as a result increases the likelihood of people making a purchase. It’s up to you how much of a budget you want to spend, but no matter what the budget it could be worth chatting to our team of experts, and we can work together to improve your business.

You only pay for qualified leads that match your pre-approved business model. No hidden costs, no hidden charges. That’s the ObenInc guarantee.

Your successful ObenInc Pay Per Meeting campaign could begin now. Drop us an email or give us a call, and we’ll happily contact you for a friendly chat at your earliest convenience. Our team at ObenInc looks forward to hearing from you.

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Our clients

Philip Gardner

Tom looked after our account from inception and helped really get our foot in the door with PPC. A year or so later and this is now our main source of customers and revenue, even in an extremely competitive industry with much larger competitors bidding against us. Tom has been dilligent, hard working and communicative.


Phillip Gardner
Operations Manager
Motoring Assistance

Katie McPhee

Thomas did some great work for us,  overseeing our Google Ads on a short-term basis; reworking some of our campaigns and helping with analytics and reporting. We plan to work with Thomas again on future projects and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a super knowledgable and hard working marketer. Thanks Thomas!


Kt McPhee
Chief Marketing Officer

ISaac Ramonet

Thomas has in a very short time got us results (1-month timeframe) where we wouldn't come up in search to be the first ones for some keywords we wanted to rank for. I think that speaks by itself, and we will keep using Thomas' services for long and for good. On the day to day, Thomas is very diligent in his work and very easy going and flexible - especially with changes in timelines.


Isaac Ramonet

ISaac Ramonet

Tom did an awesome job helping us get our PPC & Social platforms up and running. He was thorough in his approach, helping to ensure all the channels were trackable, and did a great job beating industry benchmark for just about every metric, most by quite a margin. He’s fast, knowledgeable and most importantly, can be counted on to deliver


Steve Roberts
VP Growth Marketing  
Kindo (Usable Machines)

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