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Managing your digital marketing budgets efficiently, and ensuring your company is receiving value for money when running PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, are two of the most important factors for any business hoping to capitalise on the digital marketing industry.

If you’re eager to make the most of your digital marketing budget and are considering investing in a PPC campaign, ObenInc can offer advice on what factors to assess when choosing the best PPC Management Company that can guarantee you more effective campaign results.

The Benefits of Hiring The Best PPC Management Company For Your Business

PPC campaigns if researched and launched correctly can be hugely beneficial to your business, efficient campaigns can increase traffic to your website, offer a boost to sales, and amongst other things improve long-term awareness for your business and brand.

However, the main problem with the digital marketing industry and PPC campaigns is knowing what type of PPC campaign will be the most effective for your brand.

We at ObenInc are here to offer advice on what essential factors to assess when investing in a PPC Management Company – Let’s dive right in.

Long-Term PPC Management Experience & Previous Success

Before investing in a PPC Management Company, it’s worthwhile finding out how well established the  Company is, and if they can offer you, previous clients, successful campaigns as expertise or brand recognition they have received.

There are different aspects involved when setting up and running a successful PPC Campaign, these range from multiple ad accounts, effective keyword targeting, landing pages, ad groups, PPC budget finesse, updating PPC ads during the campaign, and in some cases SEO optimisation.

An experienced PPC Management Company will incorporate all of these and more in a PPC campaign, however, an inexperienced PPC Company could take costly and ineffective shortcuts.

 PPC Management & Effective Keyword Analysis

Effective and efficient use of keywords is essential when targeting your audience. The better targeted your keywords are, the more likely users will click on your site.

A professional PPC Management company will be constantly updating keywords to ensure they attract the highest rate of PPC, in addition, this will increase the value of each click.
Using the wrong keywords will either result in few clicks, and no increase in website traffic or an increase in traffic but clicks and traffic that offer no value to your brand, an inefficient and costly PPC campaign.

Keyword PPC Management

Cost-Effective PPC Management

Hugely important is the overall cost to your business, in addition to paying the company, you still have to factor in ad budgets and ad lengths. If you’re a smaller company hoping to outsource your PPC, finalising digital marketing budgets before launching any campaign is essential.

PPC Results

A professional PPC Management company won’t simply set up a marketing campaign, let it run its course, and take your money, they will offer you results, tips, and findings. For example, if the campaign is to encourage subscription sign-ups or to collect emails, a professional company will provide stats to explain the level of success.

PPC in Data-Driven Detail

PPC advertising is about more than trying to convince you the campaign was a success, the Devil’s in the detail. A highly professional company, such as ObenInc will provide data on countless factors, and offer you advice on what steps you can take to improve and boost your business brand online.

Details to look out for include:
• Cost per acquisition/conversion (CPA/CPC)
• Conversion rate
• Cost per thousand impression
• Click-through rate (CTR)
• Cost per click (CPC)

 PPC Mobile Management

A high-performing professional PPC company will be able to adapt the campaign format depending on a business’ target audience. For example, if your business has a greater click rate through mobile phone users, a quality PPC Management company will adapt your ads to target a mobile phone audience.

N.B Your website must be mobile optimised because otherwise, you lose a huge target audience, and Google could also demote your search engine ranking.

PPC Management Campaign Tools

A great way to assess the quality of a potential PPC Management Company is by finding out what PPC tools the company uses to optimise PPC campaigns and improve results. There are several tools available such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, GoogleAds, Google Analytics, Microsoft Advertising, Spyfu, Supermetrics, WordStream, etc.

Individually these tools are expensive to purchase however a professional PPC Management company will have access to all or a selection of essential marketing tools.

N.B It’s important to understand and explain what expectations you have for a PPC campaign, as certain PPC tools will be more beneficial to your campaign than others.

PPC Management unique landing pages

Unless the goal of your PPC campaign is to drive potential customers or consumers to your website home page, unique landing pages for each PPC ad are essential. A great PPC Management company will build individual landing pages for each ad campaign.

Effectively whatever the goal of your PPC campaign, whether it’s promoting a new sale or a product launch etc, the more closely related your ad is to your landing page, the better your click-to-conversion rate.

It’s also more likely to draw in a target audience who is specifically interested in the product or content mentioned in your ad.

Other PPC Management Factors to Consider

There are countless other various factors to take into consideration before committing to a PPC Management company, factors such as PPC Campaign structure, PPC Campaign Client Communication, number of other clients, or even whether you have a dedicated PPC Campaign staff member.

Don’t Delay Contact ObenInc Today

At ObenInc we have more than a decade of digital marketing experience, and a dedicated team of PPC experts.

Whatever your PPC Management marketing needs, we’re here to get you results, and we only succeed when you succeed.

For more information or to talk to a dedicated member of the ObenInc team, contact us here.