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It’s a bold, brave new marketing world full of innovation and opportunity. With ObenInc’s expert digital marketing advice, this could prove to be the perfect time for your business to capitalise on the modern digital marketing advertising goldmine that is TikTok.

But isn’t TikTok the social media platform teenagers post lip-sync videos on, we hear you say?

Well, yes, however, in September 2021 the social media platform surpassed 1 billion users, and current estimates believe TikTok ads have the ability to connect with more than 825 million people worldwide, every one of them over the age of 18.

ObenInc will ensure your TikTok digital marketing campaign succeeds

We at ObenInc want your business to succeed, nothing gives us greater pleasure, when you succeed, we succeed, when you win, we win. With our help and advice, your business can reap the full rewards offered when taking advantage of the fastest-growing social media platform in history.

TikTok will be one of the key factors in all future digital marketing business successes. As of September 2021, the social media platform had passed 1 billion users, many of whom use it every day. Beyond its billion users, beyond the 800m+ reach, it’s also an extremely effective, enjoyable, and lucrative form of digital marketing.

With a helping hand from ObenInc, TikTok could completely reinvent your business image, prove to be a marketing game-changer, meanwhile, any business owners concerned with a huge increase in digital marketing costs, budgets on TikTok can stretch a lot further and be far more effective than many other online digital marketing platforms.

What are your plans for ObenInc TikTok advertising

Before launching wholeheartedly into an ObenInc TikTok digital marketing campaign, you need to first query what your goal is, and also whose attention you’re hoping to capture?

66% percent of TikTok users are younger than 30, so if your business is selling bifocals, or arthritis insurance, your target market, although not zero, is likely to be somewhat limited.

Tik Tok

However, if your business can be directly tailored toward a younger demographic, the potential for a considerable, high-interest return is hugely positive. It’s also worth taking into account that although TikTok is currently embraced by a younger demographic, every social media platform that existed prior, began life popular with the young folk, and was quickly adopted by older users.

ObenInc can help you target the most valuable TikTok users

There’s no point casting your net far and wide in the hope of capturing people who ‘might’ be interested in your product, at ObenInc, we focus our search, providing precise digital marketing campaigns, designed to appeal to the exact demographic you want to attract. Nearly half of all TikTok users (41%) are women between the ages of 18-34, with an ObenInc TikTok marketing campaign, your business can tailor your digital advertising directly towards them.

In the US, there are more than 120 million regular TikTok users, Brazil has a reach of 72 million users and Thailand has a reach of more than 35m users. Using those three countries alone would provide an opportunity of connecting with 227m people, and that can be done by simply creating a catchy video.

What kind of TikTok videos can ObenInc create for my business?

Believe it or not, there is a considerable variety of TikTok ads available for businesses, however, please be aware not every type of ad will be available in every country or territory.

TikTok In-Feed Ads

These ads are relatively user-friendly and can be set up efficiently, however for business owners lacking in-depth TikTok digital marketing experience, attempting to launch your own campaign, could prove to be both costly and high-risk.

TikTok Video Ads

These types of ads are available on both TikTok and also via TikTok’s various news apps, each have a duration of between 5 and 60 seconds, the full-screen ad is displayed on an individual user’s For You Feed. Each TikTok Video ad contains a video, explanation image, brand name, or app title, plus additional text.

TikTok Pangle Ads

This format of ad is streamed exclusively through TikTok’s Audience Network.

TikTok Image Ads

These ads are featured exclusively in TikTok’s News Feeds apps (BuzzVideo, TopBuzz, and Babe), and can include an image name, brand name, and ad text.

TikTok Spark Ads

Spark ads are designed to boost organic brand content from a personal account or another user’s account. Previous TikTok research has revealed that Spark Ads used to boost a profile have a 24% improved completion rate, while engagement rates increase by as much as 124% when compared to standard In-Feed ads.

TikTok Carousel Ads

featured exclusively in TikTok’s News Feed apps, each ad can include up to 10 images with unique captions in each ad, a great way of expanding your brand through the power of visual imagery.

ObenInc has the solution to TikTok advertising

At ObenInc we don’t believe in a one size fits all solution to TikTok advertising, every one of our TikTok digital marketing campaigns is designed specifically to promote the individual business, we guarantee to enhance your brand, increase awareness, and together we can build your empire.

Regardless of whether you think TikTok is the modern innovation for you, it could be worth your while getting in contact with the ObenInc team, and discovering how TikTok advertising can improve your business.

TikTok Advertising for larger brands

For brands with almost unlimited budgets, it’s actually possible to acquire a personal TikTok business sales rep, social media platform reps offer an additional group of ad formats, including:

TopView Ads

For brands with deep pockets and large budgets, TopView ads appear on full screen, for between 5 and 60 seconds when users initially open the app. Instantly effective but expensive.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

A very modern marketing technique, hijack a hashtag challenge, choosing a 3 to 6-day ad campaign, to encourage user engagement under the guise of a viral challenge. User-created content will appear on the TikTok hashtag challenge page.

If used correctly has the potential to become a worldwide trending viral sensation.

TikTok Branded Effects 

Creating eye-catching branded stickers, filters and additional effects can encourage interaction, user engagement, and brand awareness.

TikTok encourages advertising engagement

The beauty of TikTok is that users actively enjoy engaging with advertising on the platform, whereas on other social media sites that rely heavily on video streaming and ads, it creates a hugely negative user experience.

Consider how frustrating a 20 second YouTube ad or having to watch numerous Facebook ads is to you as a user. Now imagine you had millions of people actively participating with your ad instead of waiting to instantly switch off.

With an ObenInc Digital Marketing campaign we can help you ride the wave of TikTok popularity, and help reach an audience you would once have only dreamed of.

Some research by Disqo in the United States revealed that of a poll of 17,000 TikTok users:

  •     29% of users, believed TikTok was a place to find cool projects.
  •     52% said ads on the site were ‘fun and engaging’.
  •     32% of users said that after watching an ad they further investigated the brand.
  •     Both affluent and less affluent users were as likely to purchase brands seen on the site.

Setting up your TikTok ad campaign

When initially setting up your ad campaign, there are several factors you need to assess before launch, such as:

Creating a TikTok Ads Manager account, or when seeking to boost content you’ll instead need to use TikTok Promote.

Other aspects such as prime focus of your objective, social media reach, driving traffic toward a particular URL, video views, and specifically for your business: lead generation is an important factor to consider when seeking a lucrative TikTok digital marketing campaign.

ObenInc is here to help you succeed with your TikTok advertising

For first-time users of TikTok advertising, there are numerous factors to take into account before, you’ve even considered finalising the creation of your TikTok brand image and video.

However stress not, we at ObenInc can help take care of it all. All you need to do is give us an idea of what TikTok advertising campaign you wish to launch, an idea of budget, what your goals are, and together we can increase business awareness and inspire some brand magic.

Show me the TikTok money

Available in more than 150 countries worldwide, TikTok has an estimated value of between $55b and $75b. Initially launched on Apple and Android in 2017,  after merging with another social media service (Musical.ly) in 2018, it was rolled out to users worldwide, and so far the social media platform has achieved an incredible rate of success, which shows no signs of slowing.

Why put off till tomorrow what you can achieve today?

Your business should be viewed by as many people as possible, ObenInc is here to guarantee your business can reach that next level of success. Together with our TikTok marketing experts and your niche business knowledge, we can increase the value of your business, and build your brand to the next level and beyond, all it takes is the perfect team and the perfect marketing campaign.

For more information or to talk to a member of the ObenInc team, contact us here.

We look forward to hearing from you.